Boot Camp Review


1. Write the Vision    2. Have FAITH that God is able -- and will bring it to pass

3. Feed your Faith and Dreams  4. Commit your Efforts to God

5. Tap into the Power of Prayer    5.2. Tips on Prayers for Creators & Dreamers

6. Trust God for Guidance    7. Seek and Trust God for Supernatural Favor

8. Manage your Mind  8.2. More on Managing your Mind 9. Adjust your Attitude

10. Watch your Words10.2. Implement Praise    11. Strength Training

11.2. More Strength Training    11.3. More Joy, More Strength

12. Manage your Time    12.2. Trustworthy Tips for Time Management

12.3. Mechanics of Time-Management: Get Organized  12.4. Cut the Clutter

12.5. Take Inventory12.6. Write It Down    13. Have a Plan

13.2. Principles of Good Planning  13.3. Execute the Plan  13.4. Just Do It!

14.1 Count the Cost  14.2. Be Willing to Make Sacrifices 

14.3. Consider the Emotional Investment  14.4. Brace Yourself for the Big One

14.5. Be Willing to Stand Alone    14.6. Just the Facts  

15. Don't Be a Lone Wolf    15.2. Get Connected    16. Pray for a Barnabas

16.2. Pray for a Barnabas, Part II    16.3. Pray for a Barnabas, Part III

17. Stay Focused    17.2. Don't Get Distracted    17.3. Don't Be Double-Minded

17.4. Set Boundaries & Please God    18. Stay Motivated

18.2. Meaning & Motivation    18.3. Maximum Motivation 

18.4. A Mind for Motivation  18.5. Meet Some More Motivators

18.6. Enthusiasm Makes the Difference    19. A Musical Lesson for Misfits

19.2. A Sweet Strategy for Problem-Solving    19.3. A Message for Moonbeams

19.4. More Messages from a Musical Movie!    19.5. Climb Every Mountain

19.6. Follow Every Rainbow    19.7. Till You Find Your Dream

19.8. All the Love You Can Give    19.9. The Power of Love

19.10. For As Long As You Live