Stop and Smell the Roses! (Diet for Dreamers)


What does the heart need to be healthy? Well, the heart of a dreamer needs a steady diet of joy and laughter, because nothing can kill creativity or zap our motivation and enthusiasm faster than a lack of joy.

What is joy? It’s a sense of wellbeing; inner peace and optimism regardless of what’s going on around you. We may not have control over bad situations, adverse circumstances or negative people, but we can have control over how we handle what life throws our way. We can walk around gloomy all day, our mouths puckered up from eating sour grapes, crying over spilled milk items; or we can choose to have joy!

That’s right, joy is NOT a feeling, it’s a choice.

We’ll occasionally prescribe a “dietary supplement” to help restore your joy — similar to the remedy described by the great American writer Ray Bradbury in his short story “A Medicine for  Melancholy”! Nothing we share will be hard to swallow, no bitter pills here, just a dose of delightful diversion. And fear not, you can’t OD on what we’re dispensing.

Here comes your first spoonful of Joy Juice, so open wide….

Symptoms: We dreamers can get so obsessed with achieving our goals, so focused on fulfilling our dreams that we lose sight of all the beauty in life. We trudge through the days with our eyes so fixed on the prize, so determined to reach our next destination on our chosen road to success, that we fail to enjoy the journey itself. Don’t get us wrong, getting there is important, but it’s possible to be too focused, too driven. Hey, there’s miles of gorgeous scenery to the left and right of you if you’ll just take a moment to admire it. Cure: Set goals, be disciplined, stay focused, but DON’T OVERDO IT. Stop once in awhile to smell the roses! (We mean this both literally and figuratively!) Continue to pursue your dreams but make frequent stops to take in all the wonderful sights, sounds, and people you encounter along the journey! Don’t let life pass you by as one big blur!